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PZL SW-4   Program History
  • Preliminary design of the Light Helicopter.
    Project engineer Stanisław Trębacz.
  • First mock-up.
  • Stagnation of the Light Helicopter project.
  • New design of the light helicopter designated PZL SW-4.
    Project engineer Krzysztof Bzówka.
  • Static and ground tests.
  • 26 October - Maiden flight of the PZL SW-4 helicopter
    performed by Zbigniew Dąbski (3rd prototype, c/n 600103).
  • June - Static display of the 4th prototype (c/n 600104)
    at the Paris Airshow.
  • 19 October - First flight of the 4th prototype
    performed by Zbigniew Dąbski.
  • September - Display of SP-PSW at the Radom air show.
  • June - First international flying display of the PZL SW-4 helicopter
    at the Paris Airshow.
  • September - Display of SP-PSZ at the Radom air show.
  • 14 May - First order of PZL SW-4 helicopters. The Polish Air Force will procure up to 47 units, with at least seven of these to be in-service by 2005 and 30 available by 2006. The last of the 47 helicopters will enter service in 2010. The new rotorcraft will be used for pilots training at the Air Force College 1st Aviation Training Centre based at Deblin.
  • May - Display of SP-PSW at the Góraszka air show.
  • June - Display of SP-PSW at the ILA'2002 at Berlin.
    The helicopter was demonstrated in flight by PZL-Świdnik test pilot Waldemar Jaworski.
  • 14 November - Polish PZL SW-4 Type Certificate BC-217
    according to the FAR-27 / JAR-27 regulations.
    Two PZL SW-4 prototypes have flown over 900 hours during flight tests.
  • 25 April - presentation of PZL SW-4 to Indonesia
    at the Warszawa-Babice airport (SP-PSW).
  • May - Display of SP-PSZ at the Góraszka air show.
  • August - Display of SP-PSZ at the Radom air show.
  • 20 November - signature of contract on the sale of one PZL SW-4 to the Polish Air Force. The aircraft will be delivered in August 2004.
    PZL-Świdnik has also received an order for the next aircraft which is expected to be delivered to the Polish Air Force by the end of 2004.
  • May - Display of SP-PSZ at the Góraszka air show.
  • 15 November - presentation of PZL SW-4 (0201) to the Polish Air Force at Świdnik.
  • 29 July - The Interstate Aviation Committee of The Commonwealth of the Independent States issued type certificate CT243-PZL-SW-4. The document was handed to Mr. Mieczyslaw Majewski, PZL-Świdnik President & CEO by Mr. Vladimir V. Bezbalov, CIS Aviation Register President during the Moscow Air Show on August 16, 2005.
  • August - Display of 0201 at the Radom air show.
  • September - Display of SP-PSY at the Helitech 2005 exhibition.
  • 27 September - Rolls-Royce signed a letter of intent with PZL-Świdnik at the 2005 Helitech exhibition in Duxford, UK, for the purchase of 10 Rolls-Royce Model 250-C20R engines. The engines will be delivered during 2006 in support of the PZL SW-4 helicopter programme.
    PZL-Świdnik is now investigating the potential development of a growth version of the PZL SW-4, and has also signed a memorandum of understanding with Rolls-Royce to investigate powering the new variant with the 650 shp Model 250-C30.
  • May - During the International Aerospace Exhibition ILA'2006 at Berlin PZL-Świdnik demonstrated the first series production manufactured PZL SW-4 helicopter (0201). The rotorcraft is being used for the programme of implementation of the PZL SW-4 type to the Polish Air Force.
  • July - Display of SP-PSY at the Farnborough International Airshow.
  • 09 November - First presentation of PZL SW-4 (0203) during the ceremony at Poznań-Krzesiny in which the Lockheed Martin F-16 was formally introduced to the Polish Air Force.
  • 16 November - Formal Hand-over of the first two PZL SW-4 to the Polish Air Force in an official ceremony at the Air Force Academy in Deblin. The event was attended by the Polish Minister of Defence, Radosław Sikorski, and various high-ranking generals.
    The Polish Air Force variant of the PZL SW-4 was also officially named the Puszczyk (Tawny Owl) during the delivery ceremony.
    Once the acceptance ceremonies were over, a contract was signed between representatives of the Polish armed forces and PZL-Świdnik for delivery of a further 22 PZL SW-4s to the Polish Air Force over the next three years.
  • June - Display of SP-PSY at the 9th International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies at Brno.
  • 28 September - EASA Type Certificate R.100.
  • October - Display of SP-PSY
    at the 6th Korean Aerospace & Defense Exhibition at Seoul.
  • 14 July - During the Farnborough International Airshow 2008, British helicopter operator Skycharter announced an order for three single-turboshaft, five seat PZL SW-4 helicopters.
  • October - Delivery of the first PZL SW-4 to Ukraine.
  • 30 December - Type Certificate by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.
  • Delivery of the first PZL SW-4 to China.
  • June - Display of Polish Air Force SW-4
    at the Paris Airshow.
  • September - Display of Polish Air Force SW-4 6616
    at the Helitech 2009 at Duxford.
  • 26 February - Maiden flight of the first SW-4 assembled in China
    by the Jiujiang Aeronautics Plant
  • 27 February - China will buy 150 helicopters from PZL-Świdnik over 10 years under an agreement signed between the Polish aircraft manufacturer and China's Jiujiang Aeronautics Plant. PZL-Świdnik will deliver three types of helicopters: PZL W-3, PZL Kania and PZL SW-4, according to orders that will be specified on a yearly basis.
    (Source: agence france-presse published 27Feb2010)
  • 31 March - PZL-Świdnik has completed delivery of 24 SW-4 helicopters to the Polish Air Force. Deliveries had begun on November 16, 2006, when the first two arrived at Deblin.
    (Source: AirForces Monthly July 2010)
  • 05 January - EASA certification for a 650 kg capacity cargo hook
  • March - Presentation of the SW-4 rotorcraft unmanned aerial vehicle at the HELI-EXPO 2011 in Orlando. According to CEO Guiseppe Orsi, first manned flight will be early in 2012 and first unmanned in mid-2012.
  • 11-13 August - Display of SP-SWV
    at the 8th Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition
  • 26 August - Brazilian Type Certificate No. ER-2011T13
  • September - Display of the prototype of the SW-4 "Solo" RUAS/OPH
    at MSPO 2012 in Kielce